'Pressure is on Novak Djokovic for No. 1 rankings position vs Rafael Nadal'

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'Pressure is on Novak Djokovic for No. 1 rankings position vs Rafael Nadal'

In an interview to Amazon Prime the former world No. 4 Greg Rusedski spoke about the battle for the No. 1 rankings position involving Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. Rusedski said: “All the pressure is on Novak Djokovic at the moment because Rafa has got the 1,280 point lead.

On top of that he has had a nice little break and just got married. This is his first event in Paris, then after that he has the O2 and the Davis Cup. Djokovic is the one that is chasing. That’s why I go advantage Rafa. Rafael Nadal has improved the most in 2019.

His accuracy of the serve has gone up tremendously as has his serve. It is also much flatter. I think that is going to give Rafa the advantage this year indoors, as well as in Paris”. Daniela Hantuchova added: “I will give you that point but the other thing that we have to point is how Novak is finding himself coming to the net.

I think it is something with Goran Ivanisevic they have worked so hard and he is just there by really a natural way now and not forcing it. Whenever he has a chance he tries to come in and that’s why Novak is the favourite for me to win the title”.

Raúl Krislavin, an organizer of the exhibition match between Federer and Juan Martin del Potro that will take place in Buenos Aires, said: "Roger is for many people the greatest tennis player ever, it's a big effort to bring him to Argentina but the feedback we are having is definitely positive.

The real job was done over three months and Federer wanted to do it since the beginning. We took a risk but the support from sponsors has been amazing”.