Rafael Nadal shares the secret weapon behind his US Open title

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Rafael Nadal shares the secret weapon behind his US Open title

In an interview as quoted by ATP Rafael Nadal and his coach Carlos Moya spoke about why they changed the serve motion. Everything started when Nadal was forced to retire from his 2018 US Open semifinals match. "I remember perfectly.

When he hurt with del Potro, we had a couple of months to see if we got to the end of the year ot not, I told myself that it was time to try to change the serve, to make some tests. We started working with Francis Roig to see what changes we could make, and that they would fit to Rafa.

We came to Paris and he was not able to play because he had to undergo surgery, but here he was serving like this. By not playing, we had more time to prepare it", said Moya. Nadal added: "In order to play on clay I changed it a bit because I needed to be back to my roots, find my comfort so that I could develope my game in a natural way on clay, but when the clay ended I served the way I did before.

It's one of the biggest improvements that I made this year without a doubt. I think I played a good US Open, especially the final, but playing at this level from the baseline, and with the serve of six years ago, I do not think I would have won.

I won because I played at a high level, but this high level was the consequence of the serve too." "The serve is becoming a weapon", concluded Moya. "With this serve you have more options. Players struggle more in breaking him.

We want serve games to be a bunker. If breaking his serve is complicated, he can have more chances on return games."