Rafael Nadal shares his plans following Paris Masters withdrawal

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Rafael Nadal shares his plans following Paris Masters withdrawal

Rafael Nadal was asked what his short term plans are following his Paris Masters withdrawal. The Spaniard said: "I go back home (Mallorca). Nothing to do in London now, honestly. I have to be back home. I have to do what I have to do to check everything right.

Not today. Not tomorrow. It needs to wait a couple of hours, as I say before, to be sure and to have a clear image. Because on an injury on a muscle injury, the first few hours are so difficult to see because it's liquid there and it's difficult to see exactly how big is the issue, no? So need to wait this period of time to have a clear idea about what's going on.

I really hope it's nothing too big, and the doctors believe that it's nothing too big. But of course if it's big enough to not be 100% recovered for in one week, it's a chance. Hopefully is less than this."

Asked if his new serve movement made him get injured, Nadal replied: "I have been serving like this during the whole season. It was not a different movement at all. No, that's not -- that's not an issue. My personal opinion, no.

Last year, probably yes. When I came here, that was the first tournament that I changed a little bit the movement on the serve. When you change things, this kind of stuff can happen because is a risk and you involve different muscles.

But I am serving for this for one year, and I didn't expect no one issue of this, and I didn't have not one of those issues. So I don't know. We can call unlucky, we can call different things, but it happened today."