Rafael Nadal compares abdominal issue to 2009 US Open injury

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Rafael Nadal compares abdominal issue to 2009 US Open injury

Following his Paris Masters withdrawal, Rafael Nadal said: "Playing is difficult today for different reasons. For the first reason, because I think that abdominal don't allow me to serve at the level that I need to serve to be competitive.

And second thing because when there is a strain in a muscle that is making a lot of effort in every single serve, so the chance to increase that problem is big. I went through that in the past, so that's why the recommendation of the doctors have been to not play.

And I think in that case, even if it's super sad moment for me because I have been enjoying a lot during the whole tournament, having fun on court, and feel myself in a very good shape, honestly, being in a round that put me in a position that I have been fighting for, for big things here, I have to take that decision and that's all.

Thank you. I had this issue in the US Open 2009 with a bad experience. Because I started the tournament with, if I remember, around 6, 7, millimeters of strain and I keep playing, I keep playing. And that was the year that I lost the semifinals against Del Potro.

So I finished the tournament with 28-millimeter strain, so have been a big, big thing after that. I remember well because I couldn't play semifinals of Davis Cup that was against Israel in that moment. So for me, taked almost a month outside of the tennis court, so we don't want to repeat that."