'Daniil Medvedev could have beaten Rafael Nadal at US Open' - Safin

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'Daniil Medvedev could have beaten Rafael Nadal at US Open' - Safin

In an interview to Eurosport the former world No. 1 Marat Safin spoke about what we can expect from the Russians next year. "In the second half of the year Daniil Medvedev showed he can perform at the highest level, win Masters 1000 titles.

He could have won the US Open title against Rafael Nadal, it was just about experience. You need to work on every aspect. Karen Khachanov's year was up and down. He changed racket but he is still No. 20 so it's good. Andrey Rublev ended the season in a proper way, he won the Kremlin Cup.

I think next year, if they all do well, all of the three can be on the top ten. But Medvedev will have the tougher season because people understands how to play against him. He will have to change something, invent something new."

Rublev spoke about Federer, Nadal, Djokovic dominating tennis: "About last ten years, you can see there was like five, maybe six players who won the Grand Slams which is normal because it was the best players only winning this tournament.

That's way it makes this tournament so special. Not everybody can win this tournament. It's only the guys who work harder, who deserve it more, who do more stuff more professional compare to other players. That's why they are winning these trophies.

If you look how they work, I mean, not many players are ready for this hard and tough work. So in the end this way they are winning because they are the best. It's only you can say bravo to them and that's it. In my case there is long way also to still improve and to change few things to be more even professional. And we'll see. We'll see in the future."