Rafael Nadal's main goal is to play ATP Finals, then Davis Cup - Doctor

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Rafael Nadal's main goal is to play ATP Finals, then Davis Cup - Doctor

Rafael Nadal's doctor Angel Ruiz Cotorro spoke about the Spanish player's physical condition. The Spaniard withdrew from the Paris semifinals due to an abdominal injury. "It's an injury that happens very often in tennis, we know it well but we need to wait for the medical tests", Cotorro told Carrusel.

"In the previous test, we could not see too much because it was early. On Monday with the MRI we will understand what Rafa is dealing with and what are the recovery plans. We are waiting for it in order to see what is the real situation."

In a week there are ATP Finals and in two weeks the Davis Cup: "The first goal would be to reach London and then Madrid but we need to wait." Nadal was asked if his new serve motion led him to this injury: "When I came here, that was the first tournament that I changed a little bit the movement on the serve.

When you change things, this kind of stuff can happen because is a risk and you involve different muscles. But I am serving for this for one year, and I didn't expect no one issue of this, and I didn't have not one of those issues.

So I don't know. We can call unlucky, we can call different things, but it happened today. And when the things happen, the only thing that you can do is accept it. And even if it's a tough situation for me, I need to stay positive."