Diego Schwartzman speaks about relationship with Rafael Nadal

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Diego Schwartzman speaks about relationship with Rafael Nadal

In an interview with Clarin, Diego Schwartzman spoke about how it feels to be close to Rafael Nadal and other stars on the ATP Tour. The Argentinean player said: "Training, competing, sharing another kind of circumstances.

Then you realize they are like us, that they like watching a soccer match, they like eating this or that, they have some hobbies... Then when they head into the court they are different and you notice it. Off the court, they are easy-going, normal, humble and it makes you appreciate even more.

There is no drama, I joke with them. Then you start having a personal relationship, you joke, you share a coffee and listening at the is very nice." On how he deals with his private life and his career, Schwartzman added: "I am very different than when I am with my friends or on a daily basis in Buenos Aires.

It's another focus, another life. It's very different because the two things are very different. In the tournaments, you are much more focused, training and giving your best and nothing more. And here, when you stay for ten days every three months, you try to train well early in order to enjoy your day and your home, which gives you mental energy to perform at 100 per cent on the tour.

Before, you were seeing those monsters on TV. Now being their friend, eating together changes a lot. Now I can afford a lot of luxury thank to tennis that before I could not make."