Casper Ruud plans to train with Rafael Nadal in the off-season

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Casper Ruud plans to train with Rafael Nadal in the off-season

In an interview to SportFace the Norwegian player Casper Ruud spoke about his plans for the off-season. The 20-year-old, who is playing the Next Gen ATP Finals this week, said: "I will take a rest after Milan because it was a very long season, I was on court every week and I played more than 30 tournaments.

Then I will go to Norwegia to work on fitness before coming back to the Academy to work with Jaume Munar, the other guys and Rafael Nadal when he will be back on the island." Mikael Ymer spoke about how looking at Swedish legends can help him: "For me, it's inspiring, and it gives me energy.

And it's more in the way instead of feeling pressure, I'm more, okay, you know, like, if they can make it out of Sweden, we can too. I know it's going to take a lot of work, a lot of sacrifices. But besides that, it's just -- it's energy.

I'm happy. It's great. It's great for tennis how we've had legends. And now, all the young kids and young generation in Sweden, let's try to do our best without comparing, because I think it would be very, very silly and it's too far looking ahead to compare to someone.

Like you said, he's one of the biggest legends to ever do it. These don't grow on trees. It's nothing I would compare to. And to do what they have done is just something to dream about. I just see it as let me learn, let me do my best, and if I can get even 10% of what they have achieved, you know, I would be happy. I will keep striving to do my best."