Bautista Agut: 'I hope Rafael Nadal is healthy, we need him in Davis Cup'

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Bautista Agut: 'I hope Rafael Nadal is healthy, we need him in Davis Cup'

In an interview to Cadena Ser Roberto Bautista Agut spoke about how it feels to be the first ATP Finals alternate. The Spaniard hopes that his compatriot Rafael Nadal will be fit and healthy to play. "If it happens, hopefully it's the other guy and Rafa is doing well because for the tournament and for everyone it's important that Rafa plays.

And it will be very important also for the Davis Cup, that Rafa is healthy. I was not able to speak with him, we are supposed to train on Sunday and it seems everything is all right", said Bautista Agut, who also admitted he dealt with abdominal issues in the past and normally it requires a three-week rest."

Reflecting on the new Davis Cup format, Bautista Agut added: "Davis Cup is liked by everyone, with the opportunity of playing in Madrid. The date is not that good." On his approach heading into the ATP Finals, he concluded: "It's not easy to prepare like this, I started training on Monday and I have a few days left to prepare, like if it was any other tournament.

The year has been very good, very consistent, even if in some tournaments I am very strict and I say, I could have done better, but I have some margin for improvements, every year goes better and that's motivates me."

Alexander Zverev spoke about the ATP Finals draw. The German player will compete on the same group as Rafael Nadal, Daniil Medvedev and Stefanos Tsitsipas. Zverev said: “Obviously it’s the best eight players in the world so there’s nobody that you’d rather play but I think the Andre Agassi group is especially interesting with the three young guys and Rafa in there.

It’s a very open one." Zverev added: “Obviously it was very special lifting that trophy up last year. I’ll do everything I can to have my chances again and win as many matches as possible here”.