Jaume Munar: 'At 15, Rafael Nadal was like a father for me'

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Jaume Munar: 'At 15, Rafael Nadal was like a father for me'

In an interview to EFE Jaume Munar spoke about his admiration for Rafael Nadal. Munar said: "With Rafa I have a relationship before the Academy. When I was 15 years old, he was a bit like a father for me on Tour. Now more than a work teammate I think he is almost a friend.

I spend time with him on and off the court and I am learning a lot from him. I think he is an example to follow not just tennis-wise but also for the way he faces the complicated situations in life and that's what I look at.

He tries to help me on everything he can and that's how I feel. I think having him like a mirror is something unique." What does Nadal represent? "I think we are speaking of the best sportsman ever in Spain and one of the people who in the Spanish sport will mark a before and after.

Having him behind me is something very big. After, being able to share values which the Academy teaches, being surrounded by the kids who are there and having the team I have is something amazing." On being the next promising Spanish guy, the Santanyi native said: "I am happy because we had a ton of amazing players the years before and now having the chances to come where they got is special.

I think Spain has people who you can enjoy tennis with besides the current generation, although it's true that this generation is just unique. For us having the chance to get where they got is an extra motivation", he concluded. Munar is considered as one of the country's best younger players.