Rafael Nadal is the kindest player, says Khachanov

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Rafael Nadal is the kindest player, says Khachanov

Interesting interview by Eurosport Russia to Karen Khachanov. The Moscow native revealed some anecdotes around the ATP Tour. 'There are plenty of players who is going around in the locker room just in underwear or without outfits, especially Spanish and Italian players.

Feliciano Lopez and Fabio Fognini are included. Why do they do it? You better ask then. They may consider this lifestyle as interesting.' Who is the kindest player? 'Rafael Nadal. After some matches played each other, now he comes to me and gives me hand.

Nice. Some of them are arrogant', he explained. 'Once I met Kyrgios, who looked at the bottom and didn't say hi. Then we played each other and he became normal. Now he always comes and says hi. But there aren't a lot of rude players.

Probably there are too many people in the tournaments. You always see same faces every day and you don't always remember if you said hi." Meanwhile Roger Federer's advertisement video with the chef Davide Oldani for Barilla became viral.

Oldani told La Gazzetta: 'I am a great tennis fan, and having Roger in front of me was an unbelievable emotion' He also praised Federer's character: 'He put all of us in a comfortable mode and at every break, we were chatting.

I was asking him tennis questions and him cooking ones. He was curious while asking me how some of my most famous plats are made and me, a two-handed backhand tennis player, was asking him the secrets of his art."