Rafael Nadal: 'Being here at 33 is a dream come true'

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Rafael Nadal: 'Being here at 33 is a dream come true'

Rafael Nadal spoke about the competition between older and younger players. The Mallorcan said: "I am 33 and a half. I am happy to be where I am, it's a dream came true to be where I am at this moment in my career. I did not expect that when I was in their position.

But I feel lucky with all the things that have happened over the years despite injuries. Sascha Zverev said it's an exciting moment for tennis, there are many very young players, they are improving, that's the normal cycle of life.

That's healthy for the sport too. They are super good. There is a good competition between them for the next years, they are gonna fight for the same things at more or less the same age. I will be happy to compete with them."

Nadal also spoke about how it feels to have the same team for many years: "I try not to blame my team when I lose. When I play bad, I always try to look at me. I had a lot of success with them. To have such great relationship with them.

We respect each other. That's something even more important than tennis. I feel comfortable. I always liked the long term, same with sponsors, friends and team. I feel happy this way, they are like my family." Nadal will open his campaign at the ATP Finals in London against Alexander Zverev on Monday.