'Rafael Nadal can have a great 2020, win gold medal at Olympics'

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'Rafael Nadal can have a great 2020, win gold medal at Olympics'

In an interview to AS the ITF Senior player Ana Salas spoke about Rafael Nadal being in the late stage of his career. Salas said: "I think Nadal is doing a thing very well, and that he is having a correct schedule. He picked an injury in Paris and he did not go the court in a Master 1000 semifinal.

I think he did the right thing, despite all of us would have liked to see him. This year a turnaround came in the Godo. Despite he lost, he saw a change on his mind, he made a click, he went through a positive dynamic, he won the French Open and had an amazing end of the year at the US Open.

That's why he can have a superb 2020. He can seek the Olympic gold medal and I think he is preparing a lot for it. Rafa showed us that he doesn't care about the result or being world No. 1 either, he works with other goals.

It's the nice thing about Rafa, who looks beyond the result, with humbleness and strength. He is also very well prepared physically." On the two-time Major winner Garbine Muguruza going through a bad season, Salas concluded: "She can still give us a lot.

She is a player who had a great curriculum, two Grand Slams, world No. 1, like the rest of the titles won, it's something very big. But despite it I think she has a lot of potential, she has a lot to give. At 26 years she is young, she has a career ahead of her. When I commented Garbine's matches I always think she needs to deal with her emotions."