Rafael Nadal: 'Doctors are positive that I will play ATP Finals'

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Rafael Nadal: 'Doctors are positive that I will play ATP Finals'

Rafael Nadal spoke about his chances to play the ATP Finals in London. The world No. 2 said: "I am excited to do things well. But I have to see how everything is when I need to be 100 percent competitive. Starting from there we will know more what can happen.

Hopefully I can get there well. What happens or not, I cannot tell that. The most important thing is that I do not have a serious rupture otherwise I could not be here. We will see how things evolve." Nadal also said, "I try to be as cautious as possible in order to be ready on Monday.

We cannot take any wrong step and even (when) doing things well there is the chance that things may go bad. You need to add little by little in order to feel more comfortable. We will try to increase the intensity. Playing from the baseline I have no problem.

I feel perfect and I do not have any kind of pain. But when there is a little muscle strain, you need to be calm because it happened one week ago. Doctors are positive that things can go well. I can speak about my feelings and now they are good, but with muscle things you know that a bad movement can influence everything."

Roger Federer was confident but cautious before his opening round match against Dominic Thiem at the ATP Finals in London. The Basel native said: "He is the world No. 5, he had an amazing year and he beat me twice. That's why this is my first priority."