Rafael Nadal is at 80 percent, needs to be at 100 on Monday - Coach

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Rafael Nadal is at 80 percent, needs to be at 100 on Monday - Coach

In an interview to Efe Rafael Nadal's coach Carlos Moya spoke about the Spanish player's physical condition. Nadal is increasing his intensity on serve in a very significant way. "He is at a 80 percent", said Moya.

"We are making the right steps. We will progress every day a bit more. It's clear that we will be on time. Sunday will be decisive to see where we are. Tomorrow we will try a bit more as well as Monday. Everyone takes his time and we do not have the time to be where we would like to, but we will not do crazy things.

He knows what he went through even if his mind asks him the best, he thinks and he knows that he needs to be at 100 percent on Monday." Grigor Dimitrov's season has already ended. The Bulgarian tries to stay as focused as possible: "Sometimes I stay far away from many things.

When I play tournaments, I do not check Instagram and Twitter. I may spend four or five weeks without checking the Internet, blogs and other kinds of news. It just makes me feel better. I found it very interesting, it is so strange for me."

On his mentality, Dimitrov added: "I have to pick positives from every negatives. For me it helps, you need to find that balance, feel well every day. It took so much time to get back into the right direction. I am Bulgarian, I play for Bulgaria and my country is next to me in every match I play."