Matteo Berrettini on the funny chat he had with Rafael Nadal

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Matteo Berrettini on the funny chat he had with Rafael Nadal

In an interview with Sky Sport, Matteo Berrettini shared an interesting conversation he had with Rafael Nadal at the ATP Finals in London. The Italian player said: "Rafa told me, 'Congrats because you were solid and strong on every surface.'

He asked me, 'How many matches did you play?' I was like, 'A lot.' And he said: 'You are lucky because I cannot play so many.' I replied: "I have to play more than you because instead of me, you win everything"

We joked a bit. Also, Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer congratulated me." On what made this tournament so special, Berrettini added: "This arena is something special, all the lights, just eight players, it seems to be in the quarter-finals, like if you won many matches.

It's one of the best environments you play in. I am just looking forward to starting, I could not be more excited." Asked who he should thank for all his success, Berrettini replied: "There are many people starting from my family like my father and mother who were working the whole week and then brought me playing tennis during the weekend in every club.

The Federation that supports me, the Olympic committee chief Giovanni Malago who is a big fan of tennis. It's important to be close to them because they make you go forward." Berrettini lost his first match at the ATP Finals on Sunday to Novak Djokovic in straight sets 6-2, 6-1.