We always thought that playing ATP Finals was possible for Nadal - Coach

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We always thought that playing ATP Finals was possible for Nadal - Coach

In an interview as quoted by ATP Rafael Nadal's coach Carlos Moya spoke about the Spanish player recovering from his abdominal issue. Moya said: "The progress we wanted is there. We wanted to have a practice like if it was a match in order to head into the Monday match being confident that he serves well.

And we achieved it. Now he got much close to his 100 percent with his serve. The idea was to come and play, not have setbacks. We were confident to go step by step. If we had not hit serves on Sunday and Saturday either, we could have wirhdrawn but we made clear plans, overviewed by his coach Angel Ruiz Cotorro and his physioterapist Rafael Maymo.

We supported them a lot when it came to take a decision." "Not serving affects you a bit mentally and your game too, but if you serve like today it doesn't happen anything. Against Bautista it was a very important test.

He managed to serve normally and he doesn't have abdominal issues. As much as he can do it, the sooner he will forget his injury. At start you will be afraid taking care about it but if you serve like you did today, it will be perfect."

In an interview to Express the former world No. 4 Greg Rusedski spoke about Roger Federer's loss to Dominic Thiem. The British pundit believes the Swiss's next match will be a decisive one. "If he loses to Berrettini then he is out of this tournament.

Djokovic vs Thiem is huge but I’m saying Federer is not going to qualify for the semis after tonight", said Rusedski.