Rafael Nadal not sure about playing Davis Cup in Madrid

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Rafael Nadal not sure about playing Davis Cup in Madrid

Rafael Nadal was asked if he can play both singles and doubles in Davis Cup next week, or either one since he is returning from an abdominal injury. The Manacor native said: "I don't know. I can't give you a clear answer.

I hope. That's the only answer that I can give you. Hopefully, yes. If not, so we accept it. But my goal and my determination is to make that happen." On his physical condition, Nadal added: "Good, no complaint about the physical condition.

No pain in abdominal. That's the only positive thing, honestly. That's all. Happy the way that abdominal hold, and hopefully I can continue like this because it's true that I was not able to create a lot of practice and a lot of effort on that part of the body since last Saturday.

So is a positive thing that I hold the whole match today. Hopefully I can keep going, and hopefully, I can practice a little bit more tomorrow. We had to do the things step by step, step by step being very, you know, a big precaution in all the movements that we have been doing since last Saturday, and today I'm fine.

So the physical issue was not an excuse at all. The only excuse is I was not good enough tonight. I did it enough well to play much better than what I did tonight. It was a bad day today. The opponent play well. That's it. We can think and we can find reasons or can find excuses, but the only excuse is, as I said before, no, he was much better than me tonight, and I was not enough good."