Rafael Nadal on his physical condition after ATP Finals loss to Zverev

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Rafael Nadal on his physical condition after ATP Finals loss to Zverev

Rafael Nadal lost to Alexander Zverev in a straight-set opening match at the ATP Finals in London. The Spaniard assured that he is feeling healthy nine days after withdrawing from the Paris semifinals. "It was not a problem with the abdominal at all", said Nadal.

"I did not feel pain in the abdominal at all. No, just Sascha, well played, and me, bad played, honestly. We can find reasons or excuses, but at the end of the day, what all really matters is I need to play much better in two days after tomorrow.

That's the only thing. Yeah, we knew that going to be tough at beginning, because the period of time since the injury until today is very short, but we are here trying, and that's it, no? I stay positive. I stay competitive, something that today I was not.

That's the thing that I am more disappointed, because knowing that I will not be at my 100% in terms of feelings, in terms of movement, in terms of confidence or hitting the ball, I needed my best competitive spirit this afternoon, and I was not there in that way.

So that's the thing that I'm disappointed with." On Zverev, Nadal added: "He served huge. Very, very fast. Difficult to read first, second. No doubt about that, about how good he is and how good he is able to serve.

Another thing is when you have break in front, things are easier, so if I am not able to resist the score and to hold the score 4-All, 3-All, 5-All, then the opponent is able to serve with much more confidence, no? Is not the same serving 4-All, knowing that if you have mistake, you can lose the set and if you have mistake you are under on the score, no?"