Rafael Nadal: 'I am disappointed about my competitive spirit. The umpire..'

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Rafael Nadal: 'I am disappointed about my competitive spirit. The umpire..'

Rafael Nadal had some rows with the umpire during his ATP Finals match loss against Alexander Zverev. The Spaniard said: "It's fine. No problem at all, conversations that happens in the match, something that I really believe that he was not doing the right way, in my personal opinion.

I am not in the -- I don't have the truth. It's just a personal opinion. And in my opinion he did much better in the second set. That's all." Nadal added: "I I am disappointed about my competitive spirit, because I was not able to bring the game to that moment that I needed, because I knew that I will not be playing at my 100% today, but honestly I needed to be close on the score, to have my chances, because I have been winning a lot.

I think is the first match that I lose -- well, after Rome, Roland Garros, I lost in Wimbledon, but I didn't lose not one more match, no? So if I am able to hold the score equal and with confidence, I know I have been doing a lot of things well.

But especially in this surface, if you make mistakes, then it's impossible." Zverev spoke about the doubts around Nadal's fitness condition: "I did play pretty well (smiling). But, you know, the whole thing was about the serve.

I think he was serving actually pretty well today. I didn't see massive difference there. But, yeah, obviously when I play this aggressive tennis, when I play this way, I have now beaten all three guys on this court, big 3, so it shows that I can play very well and beat the top players."