Rafael Nadal is ATP Finals favourite if he is fit' - Dan Evans

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Rafael Nadal is ATP Finals favourite if he is fit' - Dan Evans

Dan Evans spoke highly of Rafael Nadal ahead of his opening match at the ATP Finals in London against Alexander Zverev. Nadal eventually lost but before the match, Zverev said: "If Nadal is fit, I think he’s favourite to win this event.

He’s in great form and the rest will have done him good." Asked what's his favorite place in Regency Cheltenham, Evans replied: “Probably the coffee shop. No, actually it’s the racecourse. I don’t like to go to the races during the festival week because it’s too busy but I did go to the meeting last month.

I have a bet. I love horses. If I had any I would 100 per cent go to watch them train. It’s different from Birmingham. There’s no traffic around here, I know that. I can walk everywhere here too. Birmingham you can’t get from one side of the city to the other, with the traffic and having to get across main roads.

It’s all easy here. There are always taxis available. It’s really convenient for what I need, which is no hassle when I am back on the tour." On tennis he concluded: “It’s a great industry to be in.

The prize money is going up. That’s why players are playing longer. It’s filtering down the rankings, which is right. It’s still a bit too top heavy. If you’re one of the better ones, it’s a good sport to be involved in but I’ve never played it for that reason. I played it at the start for the love of the game and I still love it”.