Tsitsipas is similar to Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic, says Baghdatis

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Tsitsipas is similar to Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic, says Baghdatis

In an interview to TennisNet the Greek former player Marcos Baghdatis praised his compatriot Stefanos Tsitsipas comparing him to some of the biggest legends of the game. Baghdatis said: "His biggest strength is the self-discipline since when he was younger.

He is very similar to Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal. That's the most difficult thing in our sport: self-discipline. I am not saying others do not have it. But Nadal and Djokovic are extreme. And I think Stefanos is very close.

He also has a really nice game, an unbelievable forehand. He is very fit and he can play aggressive going to the net. His backhand is very good, but he doesn't hit it enough." On Tsitsipas's weaknesses, he added: "Sometimes he loses matches because he doesn't find a way to return correctly.

Many people say and I also thought that his serve was a weakness. But he wins many key points with his serve. But of course he needs to improve on all the aspects." On father Apostolos, Baghdatis concluded: "He is the most important person for him.

His mother too, she was a very good player from Sovietic Union. They trained his mentality and body. His father speaks a lot, he is a great thinker. But he says logical things." Daniela Hantuchova spoke about Rafael Nadal's quotes on his physical issue: "I absolutely loved his answers.

He was very open and honest with how he played out there. There is nothing with the abdominal but he was not as competitive as he needed to be. It is a nice thing to hear for someone at his level to be able to admit it. He has been having some intense practice sessions but he has not been able to hit the forehand as he usually does. He did not have too much practice coming into this tournament."