Rafael Nadal:'Daniil Medvedev showed his potential against me and Djokovic'

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Rafael Nadal:'Daniil Medvedev showed his potential against me and Djokovic'

Rafael Nadal was asked how he prepares for a match against a player like Daniil Medvedev who has an unusual game. The Spaniard said: "You can't find a hitting partner to play, not only with Daniil but with no one you can prepare, because every player is different, no? But we have been playing together for such a very long time in the final of the US Open, so we know each other well.

And, yes, he's a wall from the baseline and he's able to serve well. He's able to do a lot of things that are difficult, very difficult to make that happen. "Especially he's able to change the dynamic of the match when the things are not going the way that he want.

He's able to change the way he plays. For example, I saw the match in Cincinnati against Novak Djokovic that he started to serve huge first and second. Against me in New York that he did just a few serve and volley during the whole tournament.

Against me, he started to do serve and volley and playing down the line big shots when normally he plays more cross. He's able to change. And when a player have that ability and the mind open to do these things when the things are not in the right way is because he's very solid mentally and a player that should be in the highest position of the rankings for a long time."

On his performance on serve, Nadal concluded: "I have been serving well during the whole season, honestly. Today was another positive day in that terms. No, no, no, I really don't think the other day, for example, the problem was the serve even if he had breaks for me.

Considering that I was not able to practice the serve at all or just a little bit before the match, the other day I was serving really decent. The problem was another. Today the serve worked well again. I think that the beginning of the third I was two breaks down, but I didn't play that bad.

Just couple of points there, and he play well and I make a couple of mistakes on the volley, too. And that's it. No, no, the serve I'm happy with."