Rafael Nadal shares what he thought when he was one MP down vs Medvedev

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Rafael Nadal shares what he thought when he was one MP down vs Medvedev

Rafael Nadal was asked what he thought when he was 1-5 down and match point for Daniil Medvedev on Wednesday in London. The Mallorcan said: "In that moment what you think is probably in five minutes you are in the locker room, because that's the more normal thing.

I don't know. In that moment, you play with not much pressure because, you know, you are almost lost.I played a great point, and then I was able to save that game. Even with 5-2 is so difficult to think about comeback against a player like Daniil.

And especially in indoor. In clay, still you have more chances because normally you play more points. But here, you are in his hands. But at some point, with the 5-3, of course I started to believe, because being only one break away, why not? I need to be there.

I need to create the moment and I need to put the pressure. I think I played a good game in the 5-2. I created that pressure on him. And then of course he made couple of mistakes, no? But I think I played a good tiebreak later, too."

Reassessing his season, Nadal concluded: "A very positive year for me, no? Honestly, I achieved two slams and I achieved in Rome and Montreal, and I have been competing well. I did a lot of semifinals during the whole year, no? Honestly, I did the final of Australian Open, too.

Semifinals of Wimbledon. Have been a very solid year from my side, no? And especially with all the problems that I had at the beginning of the season, that doesn't matter, but is another thing that I have to add to the year, no? To be able to come back that way, having a very positive year in all ways. So very happy about the things."