Daniil Medvedev: 'Rafael Nadal could have given up on 5-1. He didn't'

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Daniil Medvedev: 'Rafael Nadal could have given up on 5-1. He didn't'

Daniil Medvedev shared his regrets about his three-set loss to Rafael Nadal at the ATP Finals in London. The Russian player said: "I just need to close out such matches. I mean, yeah, probably need to still continue working mentally as I do every day to be better.

Today was not the case. I mean, there were many things to tell not good about my mentality on the court, my attitude. So hopefully I'm not going to have matches like this in my career, but we never know. I'm going to try my best to not have them.

After the match point, I was, like, okay, that's when I actually lost the match and I cannot go back, so as I say, hopefully I'm not going to have moments like this, but that's tennis. Rafa fighted his best, because he could just say, okay, it's over at 5-1 and just give me the point, but we all know Rafa is not about this.

Yeah." On his parents not getting UK visa, Medvedev added: "Russians with other countries is always tough talking about visas. I had many problems myself, many problems my girlfriend, and so now it's my parents.

I don't know the rules, so basically you also cannot get any answer so you just have to wait. They still don't have it. I mean, I'm focusing on my game. Didn't work out today, but it's not because they were not here. It's a bit sad. It's more sad for them, because they probably wanted to see me play at the O2."