Rafael Nadal speaks about Novak Djokovic vs Roger Federer match

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Rafael Nadal speaks about Novak Djokovic vs Roger Federer match

Rafael Nadal was asked if he hopes Roger Federer will beat Novak Djokovic. If it happens, the Spaniard would end the season as a world No. 1. Nadal hinted he will cheer on Djokovic: "What I hope is obvious and it is logical what suits me.

[But] I try to make my way. It is true that what happened yesterday is positive, there is no need to be a hypocrite. First position depends on me. Nor can it be doing calculations all day." Nadal is satisfied with his win over Daniil Medvedev: "I improved.

I had to improve what I did in the previous match. Physically I felt better and also more comfortable. When I hit the ball I did not feel I would make a mistake. My level got higher." Daniela Hantuchova criticized Medvedev's behaviour: "The problem is he is forgetting he has got one more match to go.

To get over something like that it takes a while, maybe a week until you really start to have good energy between you and your coach. His coach will be very mad about that because you just don't behave like that, no matter how much you are up in the match.

I think he has got a lot of apologising to do to his team." Medvedev said: "When I was young I was completely crazy on the court. I couldn't let myself miss one ball. I would throw the racquet over the fence straightaway.

I have been working a lot on it. I have progressed a lot but still not enough. And so, yeah, talking about thumbs up, it's just -- it's just emotions. I would say it's kind of the same -- if I would break the racquet it would be same emotions."