Zverev: 'Against Rafael Nadal I played great. With Tsitsipas, I did not'

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Zverev: 'Against Rafael Nadal I played great. With Tsitsipas, I did not'

Alexander Zverev had started his run at the ATP Finals in London as a defending champion on a huge note defeating Rafael Nadal 6-2 6-4, but on Wednesday he lost to Stefanos Tsitsipas 6-3 6-2. Speaking in a press conference, the world No.

7 said he still feels confident to reach the semifinals: "I'm in the same situation I was last year, pretty much exactly the same. I mean, I lost the second match quite easily. Didn't, you know, play my best. But, you know, my chances are in my hands.

I'm looking forward to it. There is nothing I can do about today now. He played a fantastic match, I thought. I played really bad. At this level, this is how it goes when somebody plays great and you don't play your best.

It can go this way, especially against him who I think this surface, these conditions fit him quite well. Days like this happen. It's just how it is in sports. I mean, you know, against Rafael Nadal, I obviously played a great match.

Today I didn't. This is just how it is sometimes, even though I have to give credit to him. He played really well. But still, there is a lot of things that I did not do great, and I have to change that to have a chance on Friday.

But, you know, things are still in my hands, and I'm looking forward to it, because I can still decide whether I'm here on Saturday or not."