'Spain with Nadal and Serbia with Djokovic are strong but I pick France'

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'Spain with Nadal and Serbia with Djokovic are strong but I pick France'

In an interview to Clarin Guido Pella spoke about the new Davis Cup format. The Argentinean player said: "Davis Cup needed a change. I do not know if it will be the lasy one. I want to give it a shot, a chance, seeing how we and the people feel.

And then after what happens this year or the next one you will analyze and see if it was good or if you needed another change. If the date keeps being the same, it will be difficult that many players want to support it on their calendars.

And even more since every time ITF does something, ATP puts something to replace it. It's a fight between them and it's not good for tennis. Having a Davis Cup almost in December and an ATP Cup during the first week of January has not much sense.

Obviously the ATP Cup is better because it gives you points and prize money. Because we play tennis and what makes you living is the ATP for the points and money they give you. The ITF, unfortunately, only has a tournament that has no points at stake and it doesn't make you stay high on rankings.

I think Davis Cup should be played during the week filled by Laver Cup, which is a competition featuring ten guys and even if you have a good day they do not call you." Pella sees France as the top favorite: "They have top class singles guys and an amazing doubles duo.

They were No. 1. Monfils is one of the best players now. Then, Spain with Nadal and Serbia with Djokovic are very strong." Germany's captain Michael Kohlmann said: "Our group is very difficult because Chile, as well as Argentina and Germany they have very good players so it will be difficult to qualify as first on the groups stage.

Garin is very popular in Germany because he won the Munich Open, where I live. I saw him playing. I looked him during his peak of tennis and I was impressed with his performance. I also know Nicolas Jarry because he was training with Martin Rodriguez.

I know him well, I was impressed with his performance during matches against Austria. With Alexander Zverev we would be in a better condition. But he told us since the beginning that he would not play these Finals. He said he did not like these changes. I respect his opinion and that he is not available."