I hope Spain led by Rafael Nadal will win Davis Cup, says Gerard Pique

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I hope Spain led by Rafael Nadal will win Davis Cup, says Gerard Pique

Gerard Pique hopes that the Davis Cup will be won by Spain that is led by Rafael Nadal. "As a Spaniard I hope Spanish team will win." Pique also spoke about the innovations that will be introduced in the event: "Every captain will be able to use a tablet with all the data and can tell the player where to play.

They can use them during the games and the sets. Now following the final will be easier for all the fans coming around the world, even for countries that will not compete in the championship clash. You needed to change the format, that's why we made a lot of effort in creating this unique event.

It will be a great show. The live matches, football, tennis, concerts, are very unique events and I think you need to focus on it." Nadal is still contention to reach the semi-final at the ATP Finals. The Mallorcan defeated Stefanos Tsitsipas in three sets in the last round-robin match of the Andre Agassi group on Friday afternoon.

His qualification into the semi-final depends on Medvedev's win. If the Russian wins against Alexander Zverev, Tsitsipas and Nadal will qualify for the semi-finals. If Zverev wins, Nadal will be eliminated. Roger Federer, who will not play Davis Cup, spoke about his upcoming semifinals match against Alexander Zverev or Rafael Nadal: "I do not care if I am a favorite.

It's clear: after this match I can head into the semis feeling very confident. But I do not dream the title. Next opponent will be completely different, will have to start from the scratch, hope to be able to play it better than vs Goffin and Zverev in recent Semis, I‘m ready for anybody."