Dominic Thiem feels about Rafa Nadal being eliminated at the ATP Finals

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Dominic Thiem feels about Rafa Nadal being eliminated at the ATP Finals

Dominic Thiem spoke about his health condition ahead of his semi-final match against Alexander Zverev at the ATP Finals in London. The Austrian player said: "I feel much better. The last two days have been good for me as I was not that tired.

I was a bit worried. Not yesterday, but on Tuesday and Wednesday. Hopefully, there will be a further boost on Saturday. I really trained well. When I will head into the central court, I will be fully prepared. So far it has been a great week, I reached the semifinals, which was my goal but it's not enough.

I hope to deliver the same level I delivered over the last weeks and months." He added: "I already knew on Tuesday that I was qualified. For Rafael Nadal, it can instead be very disappointing because he won two very tiring matches and Sascha still won.

It's a very special system. I was influenced by it over the last three years and this year I started well from the beginning." Feliciano Lopez spoke about the new Davis Cup event: "I want to thank the press and especially Gerard Pique for the project, it's incredible but I congratulate you.

Everything will go well even if Spain will not win. Madrid is a city of tennis, I am sure they will support us. This week the locker room will be like home. We have to thank everyone for making it possible. Good luck to everyone and hopefully Spain wins."