Rafael Nadal has a big desire to play and win Davis Cup, says organizer

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Rafael Nadal has a big desire to play and win Davis Cup, says organizer

In an interview the Davis Cup organizer Javier Alonso spoke about Rafael Nadal playing the Davis Cup Finals. Alonso said: "He has a big desire to play this new format, and even more in Spain, in Madrid, he wants to help win this first edition.

He is very happy and excited." On why they introduced this new format, Alonso added: "Everything comes from an idea of Gerard Pique, our President. He is a fan of all sports, of course football, and he always had the idea of getting into the world of the Davis Cup.

It was a competition that was losing strength, that was becoming more little, we wanted the top players to play it because it was very difficult due to the schedule and Gerard got this idea. One day he explained it to a friend of his and they started working.

Gerard with a team of people started developing the idea with the ITF. They presented it to the President David Haggerty who was amazed. Now we are here. It has been a very intense year, we want to host the 18 countries in the best way.

Gerard enjoyed a lot when Spain won the South Africa's World Cup in 2010, it was something unbelievable for him, but not just Because of it because he met his wife Shakira there. It was a very sweet moment, many nice things happened to him."

"We tried to achieve two goals. On one side making things easier for players to compete in the Davis Cup, and we achieved it. In the past it was four weeks. Then the second thing was to pick the same surface as the ATP Finals in London. It will be easier to adapt to Madrid, as the surface is the same."