Rafael Nadal: '2013 was probably my most emotional year'

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Rafael Nadal: '2013 was probably my most emotional year'

Rafael Nadal spoke about what among his years ended as a number one is most special to him. The Spaniard said: "2013 was very emotional for me. After eight months without competing, many months suffering because I was not seeing a solution to a knee issue, come back and end up as number one without playing Australia and basically Wimbledon either, because the knee did not hold up, it's something very difficult.

But I was basically perfect in all the other events. For all what it took, mentally and physically, this may be what I appreciate the most in my career." "Results mark goals. It's very complicated to think since January to be No.

1. I do not think about it. I reached three Grand Slam finals, I won two out of three and I was in another semifinal. I won two Masters 1000s, many good things and I also reached many other semifinals throughout the year. It has been a very good year, when I played I did very well and that's a big satisfaction."

Greg Rusedski praised Stefanos Tsitsipas: "The thing I love about Tsitsipas is that we don't give him enough credit for how great a competitor he is. If I look outside of the 'Big Three', he is the next guy in my opinion who just gives it 110 per cent.

He had zero break points and Rafa had eight. And he managed to defend every single one of them bar two with great points. And Rafa had to win those so that just shows the stature of the young man."