'In 2005 Rafael Nadal was done, in 2019 he is No. 1 again' - Uncle Toni

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'In 2005 Rafael Nadal was done, in 2019 he is No. 1 again' - Uncle Toni

In an interview Rafael Nadal's uncle Toni spoke about his keys to success: "I am a great coach. I reunite three difficult things: I was lucky to have a great player and so it's easier to look like a good coach; I am Rafael Nadal's uncle and replacing a relative is more difficult than an external person.

And us Mallorcans are half Catalans and we are very cautious about the money, that's why over the years I was the cheapest coach on the professional tour. For the me the challenge was never to win Roland Garros or Wimbledon but improve.

I was never satisfied with what I achieved and I always tried to have that point of unsatisfaction. I always thought that if Rafael would play every point like if his life depended on it, he would win. In 2005 they said his career was ended and now in 2019 he is ending the season as a world No.

1." Dominic Thiem spoke about possibly joining forces with the former world No. 1 Thomas Muster: "He has some big ideas thank to what he achieved, this aura, he exactly knows how it feels to play the big tournaments, how it's like to give your best in a two-week event.

I have not achieved my career dream, it means winning a Grand Slam, that's what drives me every day. Nadal and Djokovic had a big goal, ending as a year-end No. 1, while Federer wanted to revenge the Wimbledon final."