Berdych: '2010 Wimbledon was my best tournament even if I lost to Nadal'

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Berdych: '2010 Wimbledon was my best tournament even if I lost to Nadal'

Tomas Berdych was asked which was his best career tournament. "Maybe strange, but I would say the Wimbledon", said Berdych referring to his run in 2010 when he defeated Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic and lost to Rafael Nadal in the championship clash.

"Not the win -- not the victory at the end, but for me, still, like, very, very special moment. Even the final that I lost, it was very, very special moment." On Czech Republic not having too many young promising players, Berdych added: "Absolutely that I agree with you that we need more Czech tennis players (smiling), the girls or guys.

That's true. But right now, I will make you happy maybe. The plan is actually not to have any plans, because -- no, seriously. The last 15, 20 years was so hectic and so demanding that I just need to just, you know, breathe out easily after all those years.

So I'm not really ready right now that the first thing that tomorrow I will do will be, you know, back in the process of something. Doesn't have to be tennis, business, or whatever. I just need to have time for myself, for my family which, you know, gave me almost everything from the time.

I know I didn't have the proper time, because the tennis career just requires, you know, being very selfish, being absolutely into the sport. And now I have the time. So that's it."