Tomas Berdych: '2006 Madrid was a bad moment against Rafael Nadal'

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Tomas Berdych: '2006 Madrid was a bad moment against Rafael Nadal'

Tomas Berdych was asked about two of his controversies in his career. The Czech player told the crowd to stay silent in 2006 Madrid Open after beating Rafael Nadal and he was hit by Nicolas Almagro at the Australian Open. The former world No.

4 said: "I think that's actually the follow-up on the question of the gentleman there that really, it's not a regret. Yes, I mean -- I mean, probably if I would do the situation, let's say now or last year, you know, like what happened with Rafa, yes, that would be a bad, bad situation and bad moment in my career, absolutely.

That wouldn't be the moment that give me something positive on the other side, right? But this happened when I was, I don't know, 20, 22, and of course those things are happening, you know. There are guys who, you know, smashing racquets and so on.

Yes, this was a thing that happened in the past, and as I said, just the way how I was able to learn from it, take it as advantage for me and live with that, and again, how the people see me or how all this created around itself, look, I'm trying to be myself.

So I won't be the one trying to convince them or do the things differently. I mean, I'm doing the things as it comes from my heart, and that's how it was on the court. That was all part of me, and that's one of the things, like I said, that I'm proud of, you know, that was not the things that somebody would be moving me, let's say, Oh, you should be behaving or we should create something around you, you know, like those kind of personalities, that it's not really you but you're just playing in one way. So that's the way."