Gerard Pique speaks about relationship with Rafael Nadal

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Gerard Pique speaks about relationship with Rafael Nadal

In an interview, as quoted by The Guardian, Gerard Pique spoke about his relationship with Rafael Nadal, who was the first player committed to the Davis Cup Finals in Madrid. Nadal also promoted the event trying to bring other top players.

Pique said: “I meet a lot with Rafa. He will be in the tournament for so many reasons. He’s one of the best players in the history of the game. Also, it is in Madrid. With Rafa, Spain has more possibilities to win the Cup.

Since day one he supported the format. I played both sports when I was young. I decided at the end on football. I think my decision wasn’t bad at all. I am very happy with the life I chose. I play tennis as much as I can. I obviously don’t have much time”.

Pique is still an active player although he has many business commitments: "Right now my thoughts are that every year has to be my last year. I want to dedicate as much as I can to football. I want to end my career in the best way possible.

I don’t know if it will be one more year, two more years, five more years. But I am happy at Barcelona. When I left my friends there to spend four years at Manchester United [in 2004, a month before they signed Wayne Rooney], it was tough.

At the same time that was a great experience for me. I grew up a lot there. I am who I am because of the period I had at Manchester United, even though I didn’t play as much as I wanted to. But in my position, there were two centre-backs who were among the top three in the world at the time [Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic].

But being at home, and having the career I have had at home, has been a great pleasure and I am very proud of it”.