Rafael Nadal heads into Davis Cup being very tired, says Tarpischev

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Rafael Nadal heads into Davis Cup being very tired, says Tarpischev

In an interview to Sport Weekend the Russia's tennis chief Shamil Tarpischev spoke about Daniil Medvedev withdrawing from the Davis Cup Finals in Madrid. Tarpischev said: "This year we could have won the title. But we have a tough group with just three people.

But you can understand Daniil, he played so many matches this year and so many consecutive tournaments. Yesterday I spoke with Daniil for a long time and he told me, I am empty. We have a friendly and good team, three leaders in the same time.

They get along well, they train together. Daniil's physical condition can be understood especially after the match with Nadal. We at least wanted to have him supporting the team. Karen and Andrey will have to play all the matches.

There are uncomfortable opponents." "We have friendly relationship with Nadal and Djokovic", continued Tarpischev. "Rafa came to congratulate us at the table and I congratulated him for the year-end No.

1 spot. But the Sunday training will show if he can play or not. He seems so tired." In an interview Sloane Stephens admitted that being engaged to the football star Jozy Altidore is helping her have a clear approach when it comes to play tennis.

The 2018 US Open champion said: “I have a fresh mind and am feeling a lot better on and off the court. I think will allow me to have better results”. On her goals for the 2020 season, Stephens added: “I’m excited to start a new season because midway through 2019, I was ready for it to be over.

So I’m just looking forward to 2020 and I’m ready for a fresh start. I literally have nothing to lose, a lot in front of me and nowhere to go but up. For me it’s a good position to be in”. Stephens targets the Olympic Games in Tokyo as one of her top priorities: “I made one before, which was really cool, and I’d obviously love to make a second one and play for my country.

Managing the ups and downs throughout the year is a pretty big goal. It’s about staying healthy and happy, enjoying my tennis and not getting too burnt out at the beginning of the year knowing that it is a very long season."