Rafael Nadal has been dealing with a hand injury for months, says coach

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Rafael Nadal has been dealing with a hand injury for months, says coach

Rafael Nadal's coach Carlos Moya reassessed the Spanish player's ATP Finals run. The Mallorcan won two groups stage matches but he still did not make it to the semifinals. "We had two big goals, the first one was to achieve No.

1 which was very important and the second one was to win the title. The feelings were better and better, he defeated two high level players (Daniil Medvedev and Stefanos Tsitsipas) but in the beginning against Alexander Zverev he started slowly, it's strange that he loses that way, he was not doing well mentally and tennis-wise", said Moya.

"He competed very well, when he had the chances to win he kept fighting and he took them. It was not easy after that first match to go forward. He ended up at 100 percent." On Nadal's physical shape, Moya added: "The abdominal is healed, in the beginning we were afraid while he has been bothered by a hand issue for months.

Now he will play his last tournament of the season at the Davis Cup. Apart the hand, he is doing well." On the Davis Cup titles favorites, Moya said: "Spain of course, then there are many. Serbia is a favorite with Novak Djokovic, Italy too, Russia, United States...

It's difficult to predict a winner with such a format." Moya was a former world No. 1, he retired from the professional tour at 34 years of age due to physical issues. He started working with Nadal at the end of 2016.