Stefanos Tsitsipas shares same mindset as Rafael Nadal for one thing

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Stefanos Tsitsipas shares same mindset as Rafael Nadal for one thing

Stefanos Tsitsipas was asked if he sees himself capable of winning a Grand Slam title next year. The Greek player said: "I cannot predict the future. Do you think I could predict that I would be in the semifinals of the Australian Open, first Grand Slam of the year? I was thinking that it might happen later.

It did happen two weeks after I said it in the press. I don't remember to whom when I was preparing in Dubai, which came completely unexpected for me. The thing is if I put myself in a state of mind that I need to win this Grand Slam now, it doesn't work this way.

Rafael Nadal said it in the past: I'm not playing to win the tournament; I'm playing to win every single match that I'm about to go and play. So that's how it works. You don't want to travel too much in the future when you play a tournament, because it's not always going to go the way you want it to go."

"I was saying that to my coach, Patrick Mouratoglou this morning. He was checking on his Instagram feed, and I said to him that this is stressing me out, watching posts from other people. I have been out already so long, and just having him scroll and see pictures of other people, I was just -- I was trying to not look at his phone at all.

It's kind of a new phobia that developed in me (smiling). I feel like I don't need it at all. It's something that helps me, something that helps me concentrate and not think of too much. I had a lot of -- I have been thinking about a lot of things when I'm out on the court and happened in the social media, and it's a waste of energy for my brain and for my thinking."