Loss to Rafael Nadal influenced Medvedev mentally - Russia's tennis chief

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Loss to Rafael Nadal influenced Medvedev mentally - Russia's tennis chief

In an interview the Russia's tennis chief Shamil Tarpischev commented again on Daniil Medvedev's withdrawal from the Davis Cup Finals in Madrid. Tarpischev said: "Of course losing to Rafael Nadal influenced him, he was leading 5-1 and he lost.

Unfortunately after such a loss, everything went down. Now he doesn't want to see a racket or a ball either, but all the players go through these times. The main thing is that there is not a mental letdown. You have to survive."

Through his Twitter account Medvedev wrote: "What an amazing year it was 2019 gave me so many ups and downs, like The American swing I would have never even dreamt of and a poor end of the season, but see you soon 2020, will work harder."

Karen Khachanov said: "This new competition is a bit different, there is a different environment. In the past there were just two teams this week. The first round is always important. Starting with a win here is the key.

It can be a confidence boost ahead of the match against Spain." Apostolos Tsitsipas believes his son is a good person: "He reads many Greek books since a young age and all the kids should do it. Anything he wants to do he just does it, I never said him No, it's a big mistake to stop our children's dreams.

We have been getting a lot of messages. This win is for our family." Tsitsipas thanked his followers: "Still seems unreal that I am holding this trophy - didn’t want to let it go but now it’s time for some holiday adventures and wanted to thank everyone that has helped me get where I am today."