Rafael Nadal: 'I would have liked to play ATP Finals against Roger Federer'

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Rafael Nadal: 'I would have liked to play ATP Finals against Roger Federer'

Rafael Nadal was asked if not reaching the ATP Finals semis in London despite winning two matches was better for him heading more fresh into the Davis Cup Finals in Madrid. If Alexander Zverev had not beaten Daniil Medvedev, Nadal would have faced the Swiss Roger Federer.

The world No. 1, speaking after his 6-3 7-6 win over Karen Khachanov on Tuesday, said: "We will see. I can't predict the future. Normally is better to win matches and to advance in rounds honestly than be out of the tournament.

For the confidence, even if you are a bit more tired, than the confidence is higher so you have better chances. We will see what is going on later. A good start today against a tough opponent. He had already played on Monday. For me it's a big win because what I had to do was to win and I did it.

Being 2-0 down, the situation would have been tremendous because by losing the doubles we were basically out. If tomorrow we win 3-0, losing to Russia, we can still be one of the best second teams. The preparation had been not ideal because I only had two days of practice before the tournament start in such very different conditions than London.

Went against a player that he already played a match yesterday. So I had a good victory." On not playing doubles, Nadal added: "It's clear that it was a possibility and I will not deny it. I thought I would play doubles when I headed on court to face Khachanov and, coming back to the locker room, Sergi told me the contrary and I understood it."