Rafael Nadal: 'Finishing matches at 1:00 AM is bad for players and fans'

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Rafael Nadal: 'Finishing matches at 1:00 AM is bad for players and fans'

Rafael Nadal believes things can change quickly at the Davis Cup Finals in Madrid. The Mallorcan player said: "The format makes things very difficult because every mistake put you in a position that you don't want to be.

And losing that first match, we were under pressure with the rest of the groups. So let's see. I enjoy it. The atmosphere have been amazing. We know that the tie is close and we know now we have a huge match to play, a key match for the future of our team in this competition."

Nadal was also asked to give his opinion on the new format: "It is very difficult. And, honestly, it is difficult to answer today. Let me wait until the tournament is over to have a clear and better opinion than what I have today.

Obviously, what I can say today is what I said just a few minutes ago. The format makes the things very close and you can see, for example, France against Japan today suffering a lot. You have mistake in one singles match and in the doubles anything can happen.

So things are beautiful that way, too. But at the same time, for the best teams, it makes the things so dangerous. The only negative thing in my personal opinion is we are just starting the last match and it is quarter to 1:00, and that makes big trouble for us, for the players and the same time for the people who are coming to the stadium, too, because tomorrow is a workday. So that makes the thing difficult. For me, that's the only negative thing."