Karen Khachanov: 'One day I will beat Rafael Nadal'

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Karen Khachanov: 'One day I will beat Rafael Nadal'

Karen Khachanov lost to Rafael Nadal in a straight-set Davis Cup match 6-3 7-6. The Russian player said: "One day beating Nadal will be possible. I really played at a high level from the start to the end. He played better in the key moments.

I am really happy about my game. Mentally I am ready to fight, run, play", said Khachanov who also admitted he is tired: "If there were another player on the team, it would be easier. I could just play singles."

Shamil Tarpischev said: "I am very happy with how they played. We ended matches late. I hope we reach the quarters. Our goal is not to win, we want to be in the best shape." The Croat Mate Pavic blasted the new event format: "If you ask me, I think it's not really Davis Cup anymore.

It's a different competition, obviously. And I'm not saying it's bad. I think it's good. But there are things to improve. A lot of things. I think there is a lot of matches been going on during the day -- throughout the whole day, sorry, the morning sessions, the night sessions.

I think everything is kind of going for too long. Players are finishing quite late, especially the matches go long, to play the day after and stuff like that. Obviously it's the first year. There are a lot of things to improve. It's -- I would say it's just a different kind of competition, yes."