Borna Gojo: 'I do not feel great for losing to Rafael Nadal'

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Borna Gojo: 'I do not feel great for losing to Rafael Nadal'

Borna Gojo lost to Rafael Nadal in a straight-set match, 6-4 6-3, at the Davis Cup Finals in Madrid. In a press conference the Croatian said: "We tried our best. Obviously Borna Coric couldn't play today with his injury.

He tried also Monday, gave his best. And I just made my debut on Monday also, and today was my second match. So I think we gave it all, really. It just wasn't a great situation for us here. But, you know, as we were the World Champions, and next year we are going to try and be in the full, let's say, full lineup and try to attack the world title again, I believe.

I don't feel great because I lost, and that's just my perspective. Obviously, I played the world No. 1, an unbelievable champion. One of my favorite players, you know, that I have watched on TV. You lose 6-4, 6-3, you should go, It's okay, didn't get killed out there.

But for me and how I was raised, it's just about winning, really. On one hand I'm happy with how I performed. I think I could have done better. But on the other hand, I'm just not happy that I lost. So I just hope I can get better in the future and, you know, maybe try and attack Rafa again or any one of the greats."