Davis Cup organizer answers Rafael Nadal's complaints

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Davis Cup organizer answers Rafael Nadal's complaints

The Sports Director of Kosmos Galo Blanco spoke about the Davis Cup matches ending at 1:00 or 2:00 AM. Many players, including Rafael Nadal, and captains complained about it. Blanco said: "It's complicated to control the times because you do not know how long the matches will last.

It's the first year we hold this event and some things need to improved looking to the future. You have to try to do things better. You have to consider that there are 18 teams playing in three stadiums. We are not the first tournament where matches end at midnight.

It also happens in Grand Slams like the Australian and US Open. It's not the first time players end late. It's true that matches lasted longer but many tournaments would like to see the grounds we have here. It means the importance of this competition."

One of the solutions could be to increase the number of venues where Davis Cup takes place. "There is everything in the mixture but nothing is sure. The ideal thing would be to have four or five stadiums and ten days instead of seven.

Things would be much easier," added Blanco. American Reilly Opelka blasted the ATP Cup: "It's pathetic. I think it's shocking on behalf of the ATP for them to pass that and allow that. It's pretty embarrassing, actually.

It's pretty bad for the sport. It makes it more top-heavy than it already is. For example, I'm 35 in the world. I'm not going to play because I'm the second- or third-highest ranked American, and only the top two guys play."