Rafael Nadal is the greatest player I have ever seen, says Gaudio

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Rafael Nadal is the greatest player I have ever seen, says Gaudio

In a press conference Argentina's Davis Cup team captain Gaston Gaudio spoke about Rafael Nadal winning singles and doubles matches in Davis Cup. Gaudio said: "Without miscrediting the other team members, because Marcel Granollers played at a high level, Rafa was the key in doubles.

Always Rafa. He is the best we ever saw in our lives. He does impossible things. He is in good and bad things... He is always there. He is the best ever." Leonardo Mayer said: "My teammates did a great job. Life puts you in situations where you can possibly make history and we had the opportunity, but it ended up being close.

All of us want to be reference points in the sports, everything was amazing. The truth is we thought we had chances after Guido Pella's match, we thought we could win one more point, but failed to do it." Janko Tipsarevic ended his career just this week during the Davis Cup: "I will be very short.

I remember yesterday after the doubles one of your colleagues asked me what is the one thing that you can pull out from all these 20 years. And what did I say? The one thing is not the victories or the losses, what Novak said, is that this beautiful sport makes you fucking tough.

This emotion that you want to commit suicide after a day like this, and you go towards and against the wind, these emotions is the one thing that I can draw from all these 20 years that I was playing for the country and individual competition.

So a few of the guys apologized to me. I don't accept these apologies because none of them let me down all over these 20 years. I disagree with you, Viktor, that God took away this from you. You will never have this emotion that you had because you brought us this last point.

As for the team, everybody knows that they are like my brothers and I will be with the team in one or the other capacity and I would like to thank them all for being with me on this journey."