David Ferrer, Fernando Verdasco were overshadowed by Rafael Nadal - Clavet

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David Ferrer, Fernando Verdasco were overshadowed by Rafael Nadal - Clavet

In an interview with Punto de break, former Spanish player Francisco Clavet spoke about the Spanish tennis. "I was always treated well by the Federation although in Spain there is a crazy amount of players. The Ferrers, Bautistas or Verdascos were overshadowed by Rafael Nadal.

With the number of players we had it's tougher, there always someone who gets more attention from media. Also Nicolas Almagro, another great top-ten player, who did not have a farewell as he deserved to. You always have to take care of those things.

I live in Chamartin, with people who I have known for many years and they do not treat you like a former world No. 18. You do not get treated as a star. Here everyone is the same." On his retirement that happened when he was 35, Clavet said: "I retired because I was alone, all the guys belonging to my generation had retired.

The young guys, Carlos Moya and Juan Carlos Ferrero, were coming up and it was the time to Say goodbye. At 35 years people look at you with a strange face, they were asking themselves why I was still playing. Now playing at this age is normal."

He played his last career tournwmenr in 2003 against two players who now are still active. "I perfectly remember. I did not know Jean-Julien Rojer, I had to ask who he was, at the time he was not a doubles player either. Nicolas Mahut I remember, he was younger, one of the promising French guys, I lost to him 6-4 in the third."