Issues in life are nothing compared to Bautista Agut's tragedy, says Nadal

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Issues in life are nothing compared to Bautista Agut's tragedy, says Nadal

Rafael Nadal, speaking after Spain's win over Great Britain on Saturday, spoke at length about his compatriot and Davis Cup teammate, Roberto Bautista Agut. The Mallorcan said: "It's moments of high adrenaline and big happiness but you also have to handle the excitement because otherwise tomorrow we will not be prepared enough.

They are playing at a high level and we have to give our best. We won one more tie, we did not win anything. It's a big achievement and I do not know if there are many teams where five players competed in, which gives an added value.

Winning in the team gives you more satisfaction. Losing is less hard but winning, the happiness you share is something difficult to explain in such a single sport like tennis and you appreciate it more. I had some unforgettable days.

The support in Spain could not be bigger, and personally I could not be treated better, and especially in Madrid. We had a special moment in 2008 semifinals (against the United States in Las Ventas) but here it's one day after the other."

Asked if the sixth title could be the best gift for Roberto Bautista Agut as his father died, Nadal replied: "The perfect gift cannot exist for Roberto when there are tragedies like this. When we get angry in life, we realize it's nothing compared to Roberto's (pain).

He is a big inspiration and having him with us, whether he plays or not, is incredible because he wanted to be back with us and we have to thank him." Bautista Agut played the first singles rubber of Spain's final against Canada on Sunday. He helped put his country in the lead 1-0 after defeating Felix Auger-Aliassime in straight sets 7-6, 6-3.