Rafael Nadal 'confident' that new young Spanish players will come

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Rafael Nadal 'confident' that new young Spanish players will come

Rafael Nadal analyzed his Davis Cup success. The world No. 1 said: "It has been a very good season and it was the best way to end it. Almost a perfect end. Very grateful for the support of all my teammates and the fans. We did not win it for some years and we are not as young as the Canadians are.

I am confident that the up-and-coming younger guys will do well. New players will come. "The world of tennis needs a World Cup like this and I think you achieved it. The format is a successful one and I see a big future for it.

There is a problem like a schedule and you cannot hide it. On Saturday I got back to the hotel at 3:20, the other day at 4:24 and the previous one at 2:10. I do not know the solution because it's difficult to find more than three indoor stadiums in the same place but you have to add one more and the competition is almost perfect.

I play Davis Cup for my country and playing at home gave me a boost. I feel a huge sense of responsibility." David Ferrer said: "It was an emotional day, they are like a family, they deserve it. Roberto, after all the emotions, managed to cope with them.

Shapovalov made Rafa's life complicated. He was also very tired coming from all the matches." On Nadal, Denis Shapovalov said: "He played a really good match today. He served really well in the first set. It was tough to kind of get into a rhythm off his serve.

And then in the second set, honestly, I felt like I was the better player most of the games. We had a lot of long games."