If Spaniards were like Nadal, we would have a better country - Corretja

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If Spaniards were like Nadal, we would have a better country - Corretja

In an interview, former world No. 2 Alex Corretja analyzed the Spanish Davis Cup team's success. Corretja said: "Everything happened. We had five players and knowing you can count on each of them anytime is very important for the captain Sergi Bruguera.

It has been a strong week of tennis, Gerard Pique looked for it, two years ago he told me he wanted to change the Davis Cup and he managed to do it. Definitely the fact that it took place in Madrid and that Rafael Nadal was successfully helped.

The way Rafa is able to get focused, the way he supports his teammates, encourages the crowd. If we got inspired by Rafa Nadal, in Spain everyone would be better. All of us can learn and many people do not want to look at others.

His excitement and energy." Spain's Tennis Federation Miguel Diaz said: "We have to celebrate the title and then at the end of the year we will see if the captain Sergi Bruguera will renew his deal. I like the format because in the past the top players were not able to play.

We had a packed stadium for the Spanish team's matches. The future of Spanish tennis without Rafa? I am relatively worried about it because we will not have another generation like the one we had in the previous years. It would be impossible for any team.

Looking at the results, we are one of the best in terms of results although we are not the most powerful economically. No one can be compared to Rafa because he is unique."